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What do you see?

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9 minutes ago, Given To Fly said:

wow, deca really dug his heels in and gained credibility ....


we're all mentally ill for thinking outside the box and experiencing abnormality and secret society wrongdoings.

What abnormality it's a blurry grain picture  being shot  in low light ...yet having xmas lights strong side lamp causing blurry reflections ????

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1 hour ago, Dawn said:

I see an interesting reflection in the window. (Upper left of the Christmas Tree). What do you see? 


dam that lamp is even reflecting in the other window ....that's what's puzzled me

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I was initially looking in the wrong window, but when I realised my mistake, there is clearly a face in the left window. It looks like it has very pale skin, like a female clown.

What a wonderful cat.  :classic_smile:

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3 hours ago, YHWHisgracious said:

Well the first thing i saw when i looked in that direction was an alien like head above the duck creature?!


No? Just me?


Il get my coat.

That’s what it looks like to me.. An alien holding a baby alien and taking a picture with the phone in the other hand. 

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