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What are you planning for the coming insanity?

Stone Lion

What are you going to do? Vote!  

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  1. 1. What are you planning?

    • Stay and resist. (Protest, prepare, etc.)
    • Leave, meet others, and resist. (creating small community, ...)
    • Other plans?

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On 9/12/2023 at 5:07 PM, Certified Green of Heart said:


What it's about Moonlight? Is is about moonlighting with danger? 🥸 Seriously, what is it advocating or else? I didn't scroll thru it all whilst watching my data just now near the end of my monthly allowance of such, and it would do me no good any to use data seeing a man sat in a chair speaking a language I largely don't understand.... Respectfully. thanks.

sorry sometimes I post german vids...it goes basically about the chaotic and catastrophal inner political problems that prevail in Germany recently

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I plan to continue not giving a shit and knowing I am divine because pure love exists within my heart. These muppets have to use OUR PERCEPTION to anchor in the realities. All you need to do is simply refuse the reality. It is your reality!!!! Literally!!!!!!! Connect to the pure love inside your heart, destroy everything inside of you that prevents you from seeing and believing it. Nothing can destroy the field of love. Be love and joy. It sounds crazy, but trust me, they've targetted me for a long time and they almost got me many times, but I always get out fine, because I believe in love. ;)

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