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Is it Feasible to Live without the Cabal Ruling Us?


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On 5/24/2020 at 9:10 AM, Lore said:

The purpose of this thread is to collectively envisage an idealistic future for those who want to opt out of the dystopian nightmare the cabal have planned for us.

History has shown that rebellions and protests are always harmful to people and very slow in implementing change. Petitions through entities such as change.org (‘owned’ by Billy boy) are cancelled and deleted. So our future success may lie in the direction of raising awareness enough to effect change and tip the balance of power, but if that were to happen, it seems that universal / spiritual law requires us to envisage the world we want to create, in enough numbers to ‘outbid’ the cabal’s existing and unwanted long term plan.


Are we prepared to permanently boycott the products of worldwide corporations; to eliminate fear, wars, bombs, slavery, nuclear stuff, Musk’s sat-elites, GMO’s, 5G, fracking, fractional reserve banking, drones, abuse, big pharma, AI, chem-trails, spy bots, the political system, corrupted governments, well, everything they do really and to replace it with a sort of autonomous collective equality reality? How would that look?



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  The heart of the problem is that the systems and government that are put into play serve to disconnect humanity, and that humanity has went along with the systems put into place for them for a long time. Changing things now, at a surface human level, is impossible. Connection is the true lost art within this species and is the sole foundation of humans being powerless in any major situation.

   As far as the Cabal goes, of which I simply refer to as shadow government, subverting them is indeed impossible. You could create action and do things that they don't want, but in the end you're just a mere thorn in their side of which would take little effort them to pull out. I wish I knew more about what is truly at the helm of this planet and humanity, but I don't. All I can do is speculate with what information I have, which is a lot more than most people can say for themselves. I speak of information based on experience, not read about or told of. To answer the question quickly, no, there is no way to live without the shadow government having control over our lives.

   THE ONLY hope humans have is interference from external forces, and what I mean here can be an extreme variety of actions that would secure Earth and establish true justice. First off, humans don't actually belong here, but it's not humanity's fault regarding this. They were seeded here and throughout recent times, have been absent of knowledge regarding ET affairs and Earth's ancient history. The ones' who originally seeded humanity are likely, also to be the one's who invaded Earth in the past and victimized the Native Reptilian species that resided here. That being said, I don't know, but hope to find out, whether their power was subverted in the past and whether or not a different species claimed that influence and remained to be the one's who control Earth and humanity to this day.

   In my eyes, this current planetary issue is a direct result of Earth's tragic past and what was originally done to the Natives of Earth. The beings that have enough power to do something about this, is the coalition of species that have long overseen an extremely large area within this sector. Earth lays within their territory and I can tell you, they are not happy with Earth's past and how things turned out. I fully expect them to make a move on Earth right around the time the shadow government makes their move in the near future, in which the shadow government wishes to inspire change in their own way, through mass social manipulation through things such as playing out false scenes to inspire a reaction from the masses to then offer a solution, as to have the ability to control the flow of that change (instead of waiting for things to collapse on their own and having issues doing so). This coalition of species I speak of are a great force that can actually accomplish securing Earth, because it consists of an extreme number of allied species, many of which are Reptilian in Nature. The issue lays with how this is done. War seems inevitable in my eyes, but I truly truly do not want war to ensue here as it can spark a new series of drama and conflict in areas and planets that have nothing to do with Earth directly(galactic politics), and this is not counting the fact that a war between these two forces could compromise the planet surface, making the effort in vein. I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this issue can be resolved in a diplomatic way that results in no sort of battlefield scenario... though I have extreme doubts.

    To close this long winded speech, the only thing humans can hope for is that this coalition, the Reptilian Alliance, arrive and are successful at securing Earth without compromising the planet surface, re-establishing the native Reptilian species that truly belong here and, helping them to feel safe and secure to walk the planet surface without fear of anything trying to harm them for doing so. There also needs to be aid in assisting the great pain that exists within them as a result of past tragedies as well as the position they are forced in to this day. Also, to reform what remains of humans afterwards(population wise) into not only a way of life that fosters their genetics instead of suppressing them, but to allow them to coexist with, and being exposed to the presence of beings of a much more advanced Nature than themselves(genetically, spiritually/psychically and intellectually speaking). Ancient history needs to be corrected and justice will occur, and my brothers and sisters will walk the surface freely again. Much love!

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