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Pyramids and their alighments

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8 minutes ago, Messenger said:


Ok so the movie Men in Black, it's about aliens and throughout the movie they keep saying that the planet they need to save is on Orion's belt. Hollywood are always putting emphasis on the Orion constellation, why? Because that's where they are from! And they throw it in everyone's face because they know that most people are so unevolved and in such a small world in their head that they won't believe it.



Well..... let me be more clear, that's where their reptilian draco overlords are from that they pay respect to.


This is a coincidence? Pretty amazing coincidence.







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On 7/23/2020 at 4:13 PM, alexa said:

I wonder, who really built the Pyramids & why ?


I often ponder this question. My current contention as to "why?" the global pyramid system(s) were built is that they serve as a form of lasting communication with future generations (including us today). The megalithic structures not only wordlessly convey mathematical quantities (e.g. irrational numbers such as π and φ) in the construction, but also share deep aspects of the level of consciousness of the creators. I feel that the creators of at least some of these structures wished to share (perhaps simply their existence?) a message with future generations. It is also possible that we are not the intended audience. Maybe they were built in order to send a message to non-human life in the past or future.

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X-mas data was change 3 times by the Catholic church and for the following alignments reason. 


Orions belt and our history. The alignment every December 25th not so much about Helios tripping north as masonic lore would have U believe.  Much more about our true history and the real finger point direction of Orion, as shown from Paris.

                                               Godspeed from Michael...


The Pleiades star map December 25 our home before Earth.jpg

C8GmoJvXUAAyR1f  Fort Mont-Valerin Star shaped.jpg

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additional pic
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One of my awakening revelations was that the pyramids were not built by slaves, aliens, or giants. The pyramids were built by humans via collective consciousness and telekinesis. That’s how powerful we are, when unsuppressed. 

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Not seen zeitgeist, will have to watch it though @John Connor In terms of why the pyramids were built I am really not sure,  I certainly do not believe they were built as tombs, at least not solely, as for how, I have always said they somehow used some kind of acoustic levitation and they must have also had the ability/knowledge to use  sunlight in order to fuse the blocks together. I am not into the "ancient aliens" type theories although I have to admit i enjoy watching it for entertainment purposes. We all know that the system will do all it can it to make humanity feel as small and incapable as possible , hence the notion it was built by slaves 

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On 7/30/2020 at 3:47 AM, Reapse said:



On 7/24/2020 at 2:13 AM, alexa said:

I wonder, who really built the Pyramids & why ?

What if there is a connection of Pyramids with stargates?

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