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What is your view on abortion ?


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On 9/2/2022 at 9:40 PM, bamboozooka said:

"bacteria is life on mars but a heartbeat isn't life on earth?"

I will admit that when I was younger I didn't have a problem with abortion. I thought it was just a blob or a clump of cells. That changed when a watched (the silent scream). That video shook me to my core and I couldn't understand why anyone could do this. That poor little person in there floating in their own little sea of tranquility where they feel all safe, secure and loved. We are told to trust the science. Mainstream science says these blobs don't feel pain. What I saw definitely wasn't a blob, it was a baby, and he or she was definitely in pain. The very word (abortion) makes these innocent babies sounds like parasites. I suppose that's the intention😢 

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I think abortion should be made mandatory, for every member of the cabinet, the media and so called 'celeb judges' under ninety years old, remember folks,  IT'S NEVER TOO LATE, TO TERMINATE!! 🤭 And whilst we're about it, any of their parents who are still living should be given a fucking good few slaps with a crowbar, until they stop writhing, just for letting their bastard  offspring draw breath in the first place! Any fucker associated with the 'convid'' jabbing should have half a dozen pork chops strapped around their necks and then be thrown naked into the Lion enclosure of their nearest zoo!👍 This would give them the time it takes the Lions to stop laughing to try and make their escape, but, for Gawd sake, don't throw then to the Hyena's, those fuckers could laugh for England, and we don't want to give them that much of a chance to escape, do we?

                                       1672080364_download(6).jpg.b7f7b1d22192cc859162f61534952d7b.jpg                    2134775716_download(5).jpg.5308d910f9a27c3eb25a64c6db189069.jpg

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On 7/30/2022 at 9:38 AM, Bombadil said:

My part of Cornwall incest has got to be  above 90%. its probably fairly accurate in reality

Incest is all right, if you keep it in the family!     'INTERESTING INCEST' a new board game that all the family can play! It's worked alright for centuries amongst the 'Royals'!


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