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Organ donation law changed


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On the 20th of may this week the law changed in the uk and by default the government can strip your body clean and you have to opt out.


Why did they change the law right in the middle of this pandemic? Don’t you think it’s a bit strange.


Even people who before were opted in are disgusted at this change and opted out now in protest.

A group just popped up https://www.facebook.com/groups/877106246089987

We need to raise awareness. Too many people out there are blissfully un aware of the change.

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Doesn't surprise me at all. Things like this are happening under the radar more than we realise and this plandemic is helping to distract in all sorts of ways. I recall some kind of security laws being changed in America (something regarding online anonymity, I think) a couple of months back. Normally it would have garnered media attention, but not with all this madness going on.

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