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Why am i coded into Quranic scriptures?


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The dream that i had showed my death, before, during, and after...

BTW the drug that is mentioned is what they gave me when i had lung cancer back in 97.

here is the dream in full...

Last night i had a dream...i was with someone i used to know and i was taken into hospital, with breathing problems.

Then i was laid on a stretcher with my left arm, which had some form of infusion in..which i was told was BLEOMYCIN.

Then my arm started jerking violentley....then i was told a had lost 2/3 of my blood, then i heard a doctor say we have to have him dead tonight.

then i saw myself walking away from the stretcher, with blood dripping from my arm.

then i saw my shrink...who just said lucky i was here.

there was a old woman there who was a smoker...and she took of my mask and breathed smoke into my face.

that then went onto myself being led away into another room by 2 very eerie sounding characters, who i did not see.

btw the hospital was filthy covered in blood and body parts everywhere.

then i was taken to somekind of asian shop, which was still inside the hospital, and i heard my shrink say slap him about a bit.

when i heard this i saw 2 men both of which i recognised and were past enemies of mine, so i launched a full scale attack on both men, no idea what happened to one of the men, but the other i saw his face when i attacked him, and it had turned into a robots face.

then i heard the words TERMINATOR 2 and then i woke up.

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Been thinking about this....

womans menses tied in with moon phases....some say its fact ..some say its myth...

whats your opinion....



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