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Observation on use of 'hand sanitiser'

Grumpy Owl

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Probably a couple of months ago now, use of 'hand sanitiser' was all the rage, and people were going crazy buying the stuff up and all that.


"Government guidelines" stipulated that washing your hands regularly, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, was all one needed to do to prevent 'the spread of the coronavirus' and all that.


I'm just wondering how the use of hand sanitiser, especially those that are alcohol-based and thus 'recommended' by the Government, sits with the members of our Muslim population.


Before anyone starts, I'm not looking to start any conflict here, this is just a thought and an observation I've made. I'm just curious.


And maybe anyone here who is Muslim might be best suited to answer my question.


Surely Muslims would by their nature refuse to use any alcohol-based hand sanitiser because it would be considered 'haram'?


Is there such a thing as a 'halal' hand sanitiser? I know for for a fact that there are hand sanitiser products available which do not contain alcohol, but I do wonder just how effective these products are.


Are there any Muslim NHS workers who are being forced to use alcohol-based hand sanitisers in opposition to their religious beliefs? I do wonder.

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It would be completely possible to create an alcohol free hand sanitizer. One shop I went into had a natural one with natural ingredients, vegan friendly and all that stuff.


It's ironic; none of that shite they put in hand sanitizer is actually necessary to kill germs. You could make your own version easy - glycerin, a small bit of lemon juice, a few drops of apple cider vinegar, some natural witch hazel (alcohol free) and maybe an essential oil with antibacterial properties to make the whole thing smell good: eucalyptus/tea tree/lavender/cedarwood/peppermint - take your pick.


It's like there's a glitch in most people's brains (a conditioned one) which rejects all of the positive, healthy, harmless stuff, and actively seeks out and desires all of the toxic, damaging, carcinogenic fucking garbage. 





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