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Another forum hacked - supporting Targeted individuals/Gangstalking

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rational explanation for what they are experiencing rather than face the stigma of the realisation that they are perhaps suffering from a psychotic episode and losing their mind.

people going through a psychotic episode are not in a rational state so could not come up with a complex rational explanation .....so sorry this again is bullshit 


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39 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:


Thanks for your interest Deca.......although it is completed it is not yet published...but will be perhaps within a couple of weeks.




please explain your motivation for writing such an obscure article ...also list your experience and expertise 


also you just seem to be parroting the same couple of talking points that is used all the time to discredit TI`s claims 



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On 10/11/2021 at 2:47 AM, Truthspoon said:



Why should I? It's disinformation. 


He's spreading a mind-virus..... other people are going to believe his delusions and end up and confused and powerless as he is......


If not actually become psychotic.




You know nothing about me ..I have a nice home ,family ,friends and hold down a full-time job etc



again I come across negative as I always challenging all the bullshite being posted about targeting ... i.e other people trying to make it about mental illness and paranormal experiences ....


I will be posting more interesting stuff soon ....

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