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Baidu's driverless taxi Apollo Robotaxi used in downtown area for first time



Huawei desktop receives 3C certification in China, Foxconn confirmed as OEM



Baidu announces next-gen cloud infrastructure 'Taihang'



WeChat launches mini-store to compete with Alibaba



Lenovo announces world's first folding-screen PC coming to China



China-made Covid-19 vaccine expected to be available by end of Dec and costs less than $144 for two doses


State TV explains China's Digital RMB



Electric car catches fire while waiting at a traffic light in Shenzhen


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UberEats could be underpaying delivery drivers on 21% of trips, according to a programmer who reportedly built a tool that found the app was lowballing the miles that drivers traveled


Dutch ISPs Unblock Pirate Bay Proxies, Because They Can


Ailing scientist is trying to save his life by becoming world's first full-fledged cyborg


With a speed of 178 Tbps, fastest internet in the world can download everything on Netflix in one second


Microsoft plans cloud contract push with foreign governments after $10 billion JEDI win

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Facebook releases tools to help AI navigate complex environments



Facebook says it’s progressing toward assistants capable of interacting with and understanding the physical world as well as people do. The company announced milestones today implying its future AI will be able to learn how to plan routes, look around its physical environments, listen to what’s happening, and build memories of 3D spaces.



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"Smart Tattoos" : the Next Big Thing in Technology?


Elon Musk to unveil Neuralink progress with real-time neuron demonstration this week



A New Botnet Is Covertly Targeting Millions of Servers


“Protest app” Bridgefy is full of flaws that threaten users everywhere


Why Russian Military Exoskeletons Are Not Science Fiction


Robot hikes the Andes to cross Peru’s digital divide


Cerebras Teases World's Largest Chip with 2.6 Trillion 7nm Transistors and 850,000 Cores

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'Definitely Not A Cult': There Is Now A Dating App Exclusively For Tesla Owners In Development


The app's creator, Ajitpal Grewal, said he got the idea for it "after realizing Tesla owners only wanted to talk about one thing: how much they love their Teslas."



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UnifyID gait recognition API provides passive behavioral biometrics capabilities for mobile developers

Hamburg data protection commissioner demands answers on biometric dataset from Clearview AI


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Home Office signs £7M deal with IBM to build controversial biometric database


Face and iris biometrics considered to replace fingerprints for Aadhaar authentication of government beneficiaries

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Amazon releases new wearable that includes emotion and body fat tracking


'Amazon’s Halo product builds on these older fitness-tracking devices with features that have never been seen in a mainstream wearable device, including one that tracks a user’s emotional state by listening to the tone of their voice, and another that provides a three-dimensional rendering of their body with an estimated body fat percentage.'




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Guest Gone Fishing...
On 8/25/2020 at 12:32 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Wtf did I just watch?

"Let us place / trap your brain /personality in a robot for ever and ever.
Once you're just a brain trapped in a robot, you can THEN spend time contemplating Spirituality".......???

WTF  indeed  😲 

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Deepfake reality check: AI avatars set to transform business and education outreach


The revolutionary 460mph bullet-shaped plane that costs $328 per hour to fly and does 25 miles to the gallon as makers claim it will make private air travel as affordable as commercial


Japan’s ‘flying car’ gets off ground, with a person aboard


Dell: 60% of our people won't be going back into an office regularly after COVID-19

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