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The Colonel: Do you think your bank is willing to risk doing business with an artificial human instead of a real one? Our digital identity platform will be required not only to access web services, but to pay for your internet connection in the first place.


Raiden: You can't just censor the entire internet because of a new software technology... Who are you to define what's misinformation anyways?


The Colonel: That sounds like something a misinformation terrorist would say.



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“… Naftali Berg grew up in a secular Jewish family in Chicago. He began his studies at the Chabad Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn. After studying for several years as a rabbi, he enters the Illinois Institute of Technology to pursue a career as a scientist. After his first year of study, he returned to the yeshiva during the summer holidays to take exams for the title of rabbi. The exams were passed brilliantly.
After receiving an honors degree in 1966, Naftali began looking for work until he received an invitation from the US Department of Defense.
Many years later, he became not only a world-class scientist, but also the "think tank" of the Pentagon, the author of many scientific discoveries actively used by the Pentagon, including the author of the HAARP idea.



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On 2/14/2023 at 1:31 AM, DaleP said:

It is said that AI's intelligence will surpass the intelligence of human beings sometime between 2025-2027.

I don't have a very good feeling about this. 😔


20:25 - 20:27 more like. I'll watch for it in the middle of Corrie tonight! 🤣




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IBM CEO Says It's a 'Good Thing' if AI Takes Your Job


Bing AI Names Specific Human Enemies, Explains Plans to Punish Them


A Student Used ChatGPT to Cheat in an AI Ethics Class


Machines Are Dreaming Instead of Learning

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Twitter makes SMS two-factor authentication exclusive to Twitter Blue users

"As per the blog post (opens in new tab) explaining the change, you won't be able to set up 2FA with SMS after March 30 unless you pay for Twitter Blue. If you currently use this method to protect access to your account, you've got 30 days to either subscribe to Twitter Blue or switch to a different 2FA method, such as an authenticator app or a security key."

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