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10 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


Yeah, sorry, it's the way this bloody forum deals with links. If you edit them it still directs you to the unedited version you started with. Try this ...







6 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

@EnigmaticWorld Tested and works now! 👍






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1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

'Meet your new AI comedy writing partner. You provide a joke set-up, and it generates the zingers.'



It's a bit hit or miss, but can be pretty funny.


It's alarming how all this AI stuff is coming out around the same time though, or reaching a stage where it's suddenly pretty advanced anyway.


Nice one! It came up with this little gem on my second attempt ...


Greta Thunberg, a weatherman and a climate change denier walk into a bar ...


The bartender says, "You’re both welcome here." 🤣




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What are the implications of thirsty men generating their own custom AI visuals of women? NSFW versions are out there, and they're starting to look pretty real. Will OnlyFan women lose their shit when their value is lowered due to competition? If anyone is going to crackdown on this stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if it's angry women.

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A lot of support in the comments for this crap. Only milquetoast fools that have nothing important to say would think that linking your social

media to a payment system is a good idea. if this doesn't sound like normalizing social credit systems then I don't know what does.

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