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'If you watch any show featuring teenagers that's set in present day, you’ve probably seen some variation on the joke that comes up when Facebook is mentioned. The kids either say, “No one uses Facebook anymore,” or even, “What’s Facebook?”


Is that an exaggeration? Perhaps, but not by much. The Pew Research Center(Opens in a new window) conducts regular updates of tech-usage surveys, and from April to May 2022, it asked 13- to 17-year-olds in the US about their favorite social media platforms. The results (above) are telling, and the clear loser is Facebook. Seven years ago, it was used by 71% of teens(Opens in a new window), but that number has now dropped to 32%. Twitter and Tumblr usage is also down, but each had a less egregious drop.


TikTok didn’t exist until 2018, but it's now even more popular than Instagram and Snapchat with teens. Both of the latter services saw growth, especially Snapchat, which grew from 41% to 59%.


Of course, no platform comes close to YouTube. It's used by 95% of the surveyed teens. Pew also asked how often the kids are using the sites, ranging from “ever” to “constantly.” YouTube is again at the top, for constant use (19%), and TikTok is number two, at 16%.'


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Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless, electronic 'skin'


First completely robot-supported microsurgical operations on humans


For the first time ever, more people watched streaming TV than cable

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Old laptop hard drives will allegedly crash when exposed to Janet Jackson music


'The specific hard drive model at issue—again from an unnamed manufacturer—would crash because "Rhythm Nation" used some of the same "natural resonant frequencies" that the drives used, interfering with their operation.'

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Facebook bans New Zealand anti-vaccine mandate campaigner Chantelle Baker


TikTok’s in-app browser can log all keyboard inputs, including credit cards numbers and passwords


World Economic Forum suggests there are “rational” reasons to microchip your child

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On 5/22/2020 at 8:27 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Another thread about AI, biometrics, digital currency, the surveillance state and more.




Is a social credit system headed to Canada? It certainly appears that way. Yet in order for that to happen a digital I.D. infrastructure must first be in place. Lo and behold if that's not what I've been reading about of late in Canadian news.


According to a recent report, the Trudeau government are set to bring about this very infrastructure, to be implemented by Fall or thereabouts.


What was described by at least one Canadian politician only a few months ago as an urban legend is turning out to be what 'conspiracy theorists' for years now have been predicting would happen.


The official reason for this is in response to the covid 'cause' with this being the 'solution.' 


The news of a 'Digital Identity Program' soon to be rolled out in Canada has some of the more religiously minded of Canucks recalling verses 16-17 of Revelation 13.


I would have to agree that devils are behind this, with the Davos dregs no doubt in their glory as they watch their beloved stooge go about fucking with Canadian civil liberties once again.


Sadly, I'm afraid the majority of Canadians will be totally for this, as they were the technocrats' jabs.


As part of this program, there is talk of digital currencies in the works which is only a few tiptoe-steps away from a Chinese-style surveillance state.


Digital I.D. and digital currencies have been foretold for several years now by so-called 'conspiracy theorists' -- you know, those people Trudeau has liked to publicly condemn for being supposed spreaders of disinformation.


This is Agenda 21 unfolding right before our eyes in otherwise free, democratic countries of the world, as critics of the U.N. have warned about for years would happen, as all a part of a globalist conspiracy of arguably eschatological proportions.

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“Smart” thermostat locks customers out, declares “energy emergency”


Trudeau government to try and rush through the online censorship bill


Amazon shuts down reviews of its highly-criticized Rings of Power series

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The Rise of Chinese Surveillance Technology in Africa (part 1 of 6)


The Rise of Chinese Surveillance Technology in Africa (part 2 of 6)


The Rise of Chinese Surveillance Technology in Africa (part 3 of 6)


The Rise of Chinese Surveillance Technology in Africa (part 4 of 6)


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