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On 7/17/2021 at 1:31 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Accuracy at any cost? Gamer leaks British military secrets to Russia-born company to prove its tank model is wrong



Classified Military Documents Get Leaked Again on The War Thunder Video Game Forums

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Like his conceited, barbaric, murdering father - I wonder how often 'son of blair project' has practiced in front of a mirror his smirking, incongruous, smug, self satisfied, shit-eating grin?
Especially after his little company is valued at 1.4 billion quids?

Check the comments section too, which I found a little funny- in particular 'Johns' comments 😄




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Scientists put living skin on robot that can heal when cut and has wrinkles too


Palantir gears up to expand its reach into UK’s NHS


All eyes on Marrakesh: what to expect as digital ID community returns to the ID4Africa summit

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Potential for ‘DNA paparazzi’ poses questions about biometric privacy, property rights
'Two U.S. law professors writing in The Conversation say the current laws and jurisprudence around privacy and property are insufficient to handle the potential for ‘DNA paparazzi’ to publicly disclose the genetic code of public figures, raising complicated questions about rights and biometric collection.'


Biometric SIM registration slows Kenyan mobile subscriptions, Namibia seeks a different path

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