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The last few post you’ve put on here @EnigmaticWorld are spot on.

If  these were the only posts on your entire thread it would still be enough to show what’s really going on

Im alluding to the Involvement of big tech and ultra rich individuals.

Surely no one, however sceptical, could read these posts and not see what’s going on.

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On 4/30/2022 at 5:31 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

India orders VPN providers to collect data on users


VPN providers question their future in India after anti-privacy law introduction

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UK - World’s first “fully functioning hub” for eVTOLs and drones unveiled in Coventry


'The Spanish government has said the mobile phones of the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the defence minister, Margarita Robles, were both infected last year with the Pegasus spyware'



U.S. drone carrying guns intercepted after flying into southwestern Ontario



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'Some of the leading technology companies and organizations––including Airbnb.org, Flexport.org, and Spotify––together with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation established by Yuri and Julia Milner, on Thursday announced the launch of the “Tech for Refugees Initiative,” to bring humanitarian assistance to refugees around the world. The initial commitment from the Breakthrough Prize Foundation is $100 million, the majority of which will be directed to support civilians fleeing from Ukraine, as a first step toward extending the initiative to other regions.'



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“Destruction of digital privacy of correspondence”: lawsuit filed against chat control


'Yesterday, Member of the European Parliament and digital freedom fighter Patrick Breyer (Pirate Party) filed an action for an injunction against the so-called chat control against Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms Ireland Limited at Kiel District Court. As a user of “Facebook Messenger”, Breyer is suing against the suspicionless automated search of private chat histories and photos. While the automated searches of personal messages and chats is so far only practised by major US providers, the EU Commission is to propose tomorrow to make this mandatory for all providers of e-mail, messenger and chat services.


Plaintiff Patrick Breyer comments:

“This Big Brother attack by unleashing error-prone algorithms on our cell phones, private messages and photos is a giant step toward a Chinese-style surveillance state. Chat control is like the post office opening and scanning all letters – ineffective and illegal. I will not stand by idly  and watch the dismantelling of the fundamental right to digital privacy of correspondence. I will now involve the judiciary.

With chat control in place even the most intimate nude photos and sex chats can suddenly end up with company personnel or the police. Destroying the digital secrecy of correspondence is destroying trust. We all depend on the security and confidentiality of private communication: People in need, victims of abuse, children, the economy and also government authorities.

Organized child porn rings don’t use e-mail or messenger services, but rather secret self-operated forums. With its plans for chat control, the EU Commission is putting the general security of our private communications and public networks, business secrets and state secrets at risk out of short-term surveillance desires. What we need is removals instead of snooping!”

At Breyer’s request, Europol had previously admitted not to report known CSEM for deletion.


Breyer’s lawyer Prof. Dr. Ralph Wagner explains:

“While EU politicians on the one hand claim to protect us from assaults by Facebook, Google and Co., they are at the same time commissioning these same companies to screen and monitor all our communications. The fact that the European Court of Justice (and the courts of many EU member states) has already prohibited such total surveillance on several occasions is simply brushed aside. Then, unfortunately, the only option is to go back to the courts.

Whoever is serious about data protection, with the least bureaucratic burden possible, and wants to protect civil liberties, must not screen all of our communications and then also commission Facebook to do the same.”

Tomorrow, the EU Commission will publicly present its draft EU law on mandatory chat control. The law would require all providers of email, messenger and chat services to conduct mass chat checks and would undermine secure end-to-end encryption.'



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Chaos Computer Club:


EU Commission wants to screen all chat messages

2022-05-09 12:30:21, linus

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the EU Commission is expected to publish the draft law on so-called chat control. An AI-based check of all message content and images directly on our devices is planned. The so-called client-side scanning would be an attack on any confidential communication.


The draft provides for all communication content to be examined directly on our devices and, in the event of suspicion, to be diverted. This client-side scanning would not be the first over-the-top and misguided surveillance method to be justified in the fight against child abuse.

Undoubtedly, victims of child abuse need better help, but chat control is an over-the-top approach, easy to circumvent, and completely wrong. Without any expected success in terms of the actual goal, an unprecedented monitoring tool is to be introduced.

Completely missed the target

The proposed law would require each device to scan every message for images of child abuse and criminals contacting children. If such content is recognized in a message, it should be forwarded directly to a control authority or the police.

Not only does mass scanning attack confidential communications at their very foundations, it would also be ineffective: Criminals are already using distribution channels that would not be affected by these scans and will easily evade scans in the future as well:

The perpetrators use public hosters instead of the messengers targeted by the commission  - not least because messengers are completely unsuitable for exchanging large collections of files. They also encrypt the data before the exchange.

For this reason alone, the planned monitoring will not prevent the further dissemination of abuse images.

No trusted communication without trusted devices

Not only journalists and whistleblowers depend on trustworthy communication - it is a fundamental right and an important cornerstone of our IT security. For communication to be truly trustworthy , two conditions must be met:

  • Your own device must have integrity and may not forward content to third parties
  • Encryption must be secure, so we don't have to trust the network

With telecommunications secrecy and the fundamental right to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of information technology systems , chat control overrides two fundamental fundamental rights. Users lose control over what data they share and with whom. They lose basic trust in their own devices.

So far it is not clear who should define and control the detection algorithms and databases. Such a non-transparent system can and will be easily expanded after its introduction. It is already foreseeable today that the rights exploitation industry will be just as interested in the system as anti-democratic governments. It is all the more frightening with what innocence it is now to be introduced.

Error rates lead to a flood of images at control points

An "artificial intelligence" that checks for abusive content will also incorrectly mark content as illegal . Even the smallest error rates would lead to massive amounts of incorrectly "recognized" and rejected messages: In Germany alone, well over half a billion messages are sent every day Even enormously "good" detection rates would lead to the ejection of several thousand messages per day.

Of course, the probability of diversion increases in the case of private, completely legal and consensual image exchange among adults and young people. Young adults can already look forward to the assessment of their age by the inspection bodies. The numb worry about whether our messages will be leaked, who is viewing them, and how safe they are from abuse there will affect us all.

At the same time, mountains of irrelevant material will accumulate at the checkpoints and prevent the officers from carrying out important investigative work. Investigating authorities are already overburdened with the data that is accumulating today . Investigations are not successful and materials found are not even deleted . Effectively eliminating these deficits would be the most important goal in the fight against child abuse. Instead, the Commission wants to rely on mass surveillance and the promise of salvation from "artificial intelligence".

Chat control is fundamentally to be rejected as a fundamentally misguided technology.



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Ok its not new tech I know.

Steam advertise game bundle for sale at one price then take a different amount out of my account. Then change price on game page. So not only do I not get my game bundle at the price I wanted to pay but now need to wait ages for a refund.

They take your cash immediately and then make you wait days for a refund.

Sorry for the rant.

Maybe banking could invent new tech to pay cash back as quickly as it takes it


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Finland- Government considers creating digital ID program:


Estonia- Government to use SK ID to create digital ID program:


Sweden- Government considers creating digital ID program:


AI surveillance cameras now being used to detect potential threats:
"The Actuate technology is currently being utilized by 20,000 cameras across the country including at schools, college campuses, construction sites, and used car lots."


Ohio cities are spending millions of COVID stimulus dollars on police surveillance cameras:


San Francisco Police Are Using Driverless Cars as Mobile Surveillance Cameras:
"As companies continue to make public roadways their testing grounds for these vehicles, everyone should understand them for what they are—rolling surveillance devices that expand existing widespread spying technologies,” said Chris Gilliard, Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center. "Law enforcement agencies already have access to automated license plate readers, geofence warrants, Ring Doorbell footage, as well as the ability to purchase location data. This practice will extend the reach of an already pervasive web of surveillance.”


You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat: Predictive AI Technology Puts a Target on Your Back (ShotSpotter):


DJI's Mini 3 Pro Drone Finally Adds Obstacle Avoidance and Tracking:


EU Proposes It’s Own Version Of EARN IT: Effectively Mandates Full Surveillance Of All Messaging & No Encryption


Israel- Government Advances Use of Face-recognition Cameras in Public:

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Mastercard introduces controversial biometric payments that require a face scan


Twitter client partner says the company focuses on “ideology” over “profit” in undercover video


The EU is continuing to push the idea of a Digital Euro

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Chicago cops team up with FBI to create fake social media profiles


US Postal Service wants to provide digital ID and collect more biometric data


The World Economic Forum has big plans for biometric airport surveillance


SWIFT begins preparing for centrally-controlled digital currencies


NYC Mayor Eric Adams says online platforms need to use AI to censor

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Evolv Technology's facial recognition/weapons scanners may be searching you the next time you go out in public:
Gillette Stadium's Evolv Edge Facial Recognition Scanners Can ID Fans Before They Enter The Stadium (2019)
Evolv Edge Scans More Than 1M People's Faces (2018)
"We Have No Idea How This Will Be Used" - Evolv Gun Detection Gaining Popularity In US:
Domino’s And Netflix To Create "Stranger Things" Facial Recognition App:
In reality, the mind ordering app uses facial recognition and eye-tracking technology to allow customers to use their “powers” to order pizzas by making certain facial expressions or head movements. Customers need to have a Domino’s pizza profile with an “Easy Order” saved for the mind ordering to work.
Geofence Warrants and Reverse Keyword Warrants are So Invasive, Even Big Tech Wants to Ban Them:
Tech Companies Oppose ‘Reverse Warrants,’ Say Surveillance Of User Location Data Should Be Limited To Tech Companies:
Exposing the “Digital ID is a Human Right” Scam:
India- VPN service providers that do not comply with new guidelines can leave the country:
Brazil- Mastercard's New Facial Recognition Checkout Program Debuts In São Paulo Supermarkets:
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