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Clearview AI’s facial recognition tech is being used on Russian soldiers


As security tech is pulled out of Russia, citizens are left more vulnerable to state surveillance

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Feds Want Police Drones To Scan Your Body From A Mile Away:
"Expanding the range of conditions in which accurate and reliable biometric-based identification could be performed would greatly improve the number of addressable missions, types of platforms and sensors from which biometrics can be reliably used, and quality of outcomes and decisions. Accenture Federal Services LLC, Intelligent Automation, Inc., Kitware, Inc., Michigan State University Systems & Technology Research, the University of Houston, and the University of Southern California are the teams IARPA awarded BRIAR research contracts."


Major stadiums and venues to adopt facial verification payments


Patriot One Technologies Launches SmartGateway, Purpose-Built for Stadiums:

Patriot One and the Covert Facial Recognition Surveillance Program for Stadiums:


Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Government’s Push for a Digital Currency
China has already adopted a government-issued digital currency, which not only allows it to surveil and seize people’s financial transactions, but can also work in tandem with its social credit score system to punish individuals for moral lapses and social transgressions (and reward them for adhering to government-sanctioned behavior). As China expert Akram Keram wrote for The Washington Post, “With digital yuan, the Chinese Communist Party will have direct control over and access to the financial lives of individuals, without the need to strong-arm intermediary financial entities. In a digital-yuan-consumed society, the government easily could suspend the digital wallets of dissidents and human rights activists." Where China goes, the United States eventually follows.


Israel- Cyberattacks Against Government Sites: ‘Largest in the Country’s History’

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China makes a new big push to digitize everything


'Chinese President Xi Jinping, reports say, is now introducing “a new era” of all this, and it is supposed to see one of the world’s superpowers and one with the largest number of inhabitants create a digital scheme called “one card.” This document will build on what China already has in digital form – social security ID that is needed for getting a job or insurance.

But now – under a 14th in a row five-year-plan that ends in 2026 – the “one card” will expand to an array of other, vital to everyday life services, like those provided by the government, healthcare (including buying medicines), subsidies, and more.

“One card” will technologically sit on top of blockchain-based “big platform,” i.e., a massive cloud. This represents a very interesting intersection of what’s supposed to be the backbone of decentralization, with what appears to be designed as ultimate centralization of (personal) data.'



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19 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

The UK Online Safety Bill explained: A reckless threat to free speech


South Africa considers requiring citizens to turn over biometric data to own a phone


Forgive me for going off topic on your thread my friend, but your new avatar reminds me of this.


I think I like pasta more than you!  🙂




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1 minute ago, Golden Retriever said:


Forgive me for going off topic on your thread my friend, but your new avatar reminds me of this.


I think I like pasta more than you!  🙂





Haha. That's like my dogs. I have a Cocker Spaniel, and a Shih Tzu mixed with a Jack Russell. Both just nibble little bits of food throughout the day. My last dog, a Border Collie, he would just gobble all his food up the minute it was put out.


I like German Shepherds but from a distance, too much time and responsibility to own.

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