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Surveillance news from the last few weeks. Wake the hell up, humans!


Meet Toka, the Most Dangerous Israeli Spyware Firm You’ve Never Heard Of:
Toka launched with plans to “provide spy tools for whatever device its clients require,” including not only smartphones but a “special focus on the so-called Internet of Things.” Per the company, this includes devices like Amazon Echo, Google Nest-connected home products, as well as connected fridges, thermostats and alarms. Toka’s hacking suite – which, like Pegasus, is also classified as a “lawful intercept” product – is capable of targeting any device connected to the internet, including but not limited to smartphones


How Israel's military intelligence Unit 8200 gave birth to the NSO Group, Toka:


BS Warning: Israel's Defense Minster Says Spyware Exports Are For Lawful Use Only


UN Human Rights Committee: Storing biometric data on identity cards violates privacy


EU wants to expand use of biometric police tools:


Processing of Vaccination Data by Employers in Europe:


Poland- Behavioral Biometrics Startup Nethone receives close to $7M in funding:


Belgium- Supervisory Authority Launches Public Consultation on the Use of Biometric Data:


Luxembourg- Data Protection Authority fined a company €7,200 for video surveillance system and geolocation devices in cars:


France- President holds defense Cabinet meeting on Pegasus spyware revelations:


France- Data Protection Authority issued new formal notices on cookies:


Spain- President proposes Digital Rights Charter, outlining fundamental rights of individuals online:


Italy- Privacy Guarantor warns health companies, employers, doctors about processing personal data:


UK- Vaccine passport could be ‘redeployed’ as national ID card:


UK- Digital facial recognition ID's and attributes consultation:


UK- 1,250 Clergy Members Warn Vaccine Passports Would Create “Medical Apartheid”


UK- Irony: Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner worried about foreign-owned facial recognition devices:


UK- Health Authorities Bar Unvaccinated Patrons From Nightclubs:


UK- Secretive government algorithms screen millions of welfare claimants:



Singapore- Reporters did not care for students privacy:


Japan- Haneda Airport to use Collins Aerospace facial recognition to ID passengers:


Japan- Thousands Of Olympics Ticket Buyers Have Personal Info Leaked Online:


South Korea- Suprema wants governments to use Infrared facial recognition:


India- Government's Draconian Rules for Internet Platforms Threaten User Privacy and Undermine Encryption:


India- Joint Parliamentary Committee asks for an extension for report on Personal Data Protection Bill:


Pakistan- Government seeks U.N. probe of India's use of Pegasus spyware:

Ghana- Government launches fingerpint ID vaccination program:

"Simprints is a nonprofit technology company from the University of Cambridge. Backed by the Gates Foundation."


Vaccine Passport: The Government Can't Share Your Data, But Airlines Can
"American Airlines' privacy policy's language is unclear enough that I cannot be sure that they won't share my health information to their email marketing provider," John Morris, an expert in cybersecurity and privacy law with the Brookings Institution said. "United appears to have simply included 'health information' in its broader privacy policy, but then provided no extra protections for such potentially sensitive information," he said.


The hacker who spent a year reclaiming his face from Clearview AI:
"What’s your message to someone who doesn’t care that their face is part of the system? Maybe it’s not a danger to them, but it could be a danger for their friends, family, to minorities. This tech may not be that dangerous when democracy is perfectly functioning. But times change, countries change, and this technology in the hands of a dictator is very dangerous."


Why schools need to abandon facial recognition, not double down on it:


Twenty-Seven states use facial recognition company "ID.me" to verify jobless claims:
"Twenty-one states are using identity verification services from REL.L LexisNexis, which compares submitted information such as Social Security numbers to credit histories, utilities records and device data. The company declined to name clients, but Kansas, Maryland and Ohio have publicly confirmed its use. Some states are also using GOOGLO and Thomson Reuters TRI.TO."



Clearview AI raises $30M from investors despite legal troubles:


Despite controversies and bans, facial recognition startups are flush with venture capitol cash:
"Investors have funneled hundreds of millions into several facial recognition startups. A breakdown of Crunchbase data by FindBiometrics shows a sharp rise in venture funding in facial recognition companies at well over $500 million in 2021 so far, compared to $622 million for all of 2020."



AnyVision Launches "Tactical Facial Recognition" For Law Enforcement:
“It is designed specifically to recognize and check individual faces against a designated watchlist — even when people are in motion, captured in poor lighting, or partially obscured by surrounding people,” Dieter Joecker, AnyVision’s CTO said.



IDEMIA Wants States To Adopt Its "Mobile ID" Facial Recognition:


Industry blog promotes expansion of facial recognition ATM machines:


The Absurd Proposal to Put Bodycams on Teachers Is ... Feasible?


BriefCam's "Business Case Assessment" Accelerates Facial Recognition And License Plate Recognition:
"Accelerate video investigation based on object classification filters, including: object type, size, direction, speed, as well as appearance similarity, face matching and license plate recognition. Alert on critical events such as suspicious behaviors and long queues, and drive real-time assessment and response."



Flock Safety Raises $150M to put more license plate readers in cities:


Genetec (facial recognition, license plate readers) recognized as fastest growing company:


License Plate Reader Company Rekor Systems Faces Swarm Of Fraud Lawsuits:

Oklahoma Officials Use COVID To Create Statewide Vehicle Surveillance Programs Run By Rekor Systems:


New laws in multiple states revise ticket camera rules:


Amazon's Relentless Surveillance Must Be Stopped:


Amazon has a ‘key’ to thousands of apartment buildings:


ACLU: We must face up to the dangers of police surveillance technology
"When the government uses these technologies with no safeguards and in secret — without expert input or community buy-in — it's not a question of if people will be hurt, but when. We need action now. Every day that goes by without effective oversight makes it that much harder to rein the technology back in. Congress needs to hit the pause button, which is why Restore the Fourth and the ACLU have endorsed the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act."


As Large Corporations Take Over The DNA Industry Consumer Privacy Suffers:


Smart Cities Are Being Built With Drones, Smart Devices On Public Streets And In Homes:
"Some of the smart city technologies being made available to residents include drone delivery by DroneUp, ferrying goods from the New Haven Marketplace — a new retail area — to resident homes. Homes in the New Haven community in California are all built with myTime and myCommand smart home services, which interface with smart home platforms from Amazon, Google or Apple. The community also features ENE HUB (pronounced “any hub”), which are multi-functional streetlights equipped with USB charging ports, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi, wayfinding and more."


D.C. Neighborhoods for AT&T 5G “Smart City” Will Include “Massive” Internet of Things Connections:


Google admits employees listen to conversations:


FCC Approves Amazon’s Sleep Tracking Tech; Includes “a radar-wave emitter” Next to Your Bed


PayPal considers blocking transactions that fund hate groups, extremists:


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On 7/28/2021 at 12:28 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Military bosses are investigating futuristic 'directed energy' weapons that could use beams of high-powered energy to destroy enemy nuclear missiles and form protective 'force-field' over US


Reagan's Star Wars for the Technocratic age! Whether it works or not, will consume vast amounts of public dosh no doubt

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As global demand for microchips surges, tech giants go all-in on Israel


'Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel and Nvidia are setting up or expanding their Israeli chip design operations, and local firms are seeing a renaissance as VC money rolls in'

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Dubai police will use citywide network of drones to respond to crime


'Dubai police will be able to respond to an incident anywhere in the United Arab Emirates city within a minute, thanks to a network of pre-positioned drone bases.


The quadcopters, supplied by Israeli company Airobotics, will operate from base stations during the Expo 2020 event starting in October this year, an exhibition said to be the third largest event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup. The drones will reduce police response time from 4.4 minutes to 1 minute according to a tweet from Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.'

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Idemia notes strength in iris biometrics market forecast for $4.8B value in 2027


'Iris recognition algorithms have entropy of up to 240 bits, Idemia says, while 33 bits are sufficient to differentiate between every person on earth.'

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13 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

As global demand for microchips surges, tech giants go all-in on Israel




There are many challenges ahead, however, with the main ones being a shortage of engineers and programmers and a huge hike in salaries caused by competition between the multinationals and local startups for talent


*Yawn* - another tech bubble grows with VC cash pouring down on vapourware startups and silicon valley crooks try to corner another market.


More and more cash chasing, in this case, the handful of engineers actually capable of delivering the chips that can drive the adoption of the technocratic agenda. Too many nefarious plans and not enough oomph to see them through.


The elite dream of enslaving the masses in an AI prison. But our dystopian nightmares, are meeting with the cold light of day as the reality of realising a digital tyranny is shown to once again to be unachievable. Every way the great fourth industrial revolution turns, progress is blocked by lack of resources be it chip designs, manufacturing capacity, physics, software teams and so on.

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2 hours ago, Daithi said:




*Yawn* - another tech bubble grows with VC cash pouring down on vapourware startups and silicon valley crooks try to corner another market.


More and more cash chasing, in this case, the handful of engineers actually capable of delivering the chips that can drive the adoption of the technocratic agenda. Too many nefarious plans and not enough oomph to see them through.


The elite dream of enslaving the masses in an AI prison. But our dystopian nightmares, are meeting with the cold light of day as the reality of realising a digital tyranny is shown to once again to be unachievable. Every way the great fourth industrial revolution turns, progress is blocked by lack of resources be it chip designs, manufacturing capacity, physics, software teams and so on.


I don't know whether they'll achieve their goals, but it seems like money will be thrown at so many tech ventures in the AI arms race.

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Governments extending digital IDs secured with biometrics, from mDLs to payments


How Augentic delivered Cameroon’s €52M biometric passport project amid the pandemic


Researchers develop anti-spoofing techniques for iris biometric recognition

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