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Another thread about AI, biometrics, digital currency, the surveillance state and more.    


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19 hours ago, Macnamara said:


Most folk are just going about their day. they are not knowingly complicit in a grand conspiracy


at worst they stand accused of being silly


is silliness a permanent condition? Or can it be......dispelled?


All you can do I guess is put the information out there. If people ignore it, not much you can do.

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"PCR test results expire after three days, a vaccine card expires after six months, and antigen test results expire after 6 hours."



Welcome to the future. Something stuck up your nose every three days, or something injected into your arm twice a year.... forever. It's all about choices ;-)



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Apr 16, 2021


Young Frankensteins: Biometric authentication with electrical muscle stimulation - Jim Nash


University of Chicago researchers have come up with the most improbable (so far) biometric method of authenticating someone’s identity — how fingers react to electrical currents stimulating forearm muscles.


The product, ElectricAuth, requires users to wear a sleeve embedded with electrodes. Electrical signals lasting about a second are sent in different numbers of pulses and at different tempos.


Nodes on their finger record the unique responses. The university researchers are working on a visual recording technique, and a press release announcing the idea shows people wearing augmented reality goggles that have a camera.


The school claims the setup provides 64 million potential interpretations for use in authenticating someone.



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