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"PCR test results expire after three days, a vaccine card expires after six months, and antigen test results expire after 6 hours."



Welcome to the future. Something stuck up your nose every three days, or something injected into your arm twice a year.... forever. It's all about choices ;-)



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Apr 16, 2021


Young Frankensteins: Biometric authentication with electrical muscle stimulation - Jim Nash


University of Chicago researchers have come up with the most improbable (so far) biometric method of authenticating someone’s identity — how fingers react to electrical currents stimulating forearm muscles.


The product, ElectricAuth, requires users to wear a sleeve embedded with electrodes. Electrical signals lasting about a second are sent in different numbers of pulses and at different tempos.


Nodes on their finger record the unique responses. The university researchers are working on a visual recording technique, and a press release announcing the idea shows people wearing augmented reality goggles that have a camera.


The school claims the setup provides 64 million potential interpretations for use in authenticating someone.



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Officials Use COVID To Create Statewide Vehicle Surveillance Programs Run By Rekor Systems


Magic Kingdom Uses COVID-19 As An Excuse To Install Facial Recognition (Updated)


Feds Plan To Broadcast Government Propaganda To Streaming Platforms


Top US Banks Deploy AI Surveillance To Monitor Customers, Workers

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North Carolina school district buys face biometrics to monitor students and staff


'According to the News-Journal, Mitchell County Schools paid $67,000 for 60 internet cameras and a 10-year service agreement including data storage and system maintenance costs from surveillance vendor Verkada.'




'Verkada Inc. was founded in 2016 in Menlo Park, California by three Stanford University graduates: Filip Kailiszan, James Ren, and Benjamin Bercowitz, who were joined by Hans Robertson, co-founder and former COO of Meraki (now Cisco Meraki). Kaliszan, Ren, and Bercowitz had previously collaborated on Courserank, a class data aggregation platform that was acquired by Chegg in 2010.'

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National digital ID and selfie biometrics for remote verification ramp rapidly


UK to roll out digital health passes via NHS app, Estonia launches VaccineGuard


Face, the future: How biometrics is already reshaping the way we do everything


New biometric tool spots deepfakes even out on the battlefield


US Army using VR helmet to link biometrics with automated systems

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Hackers Break Into Tesla Using a Drone Flying Over the Car


'Two cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated a vulnerability (now fixed) that allowed them to unlock the doors of a Tesla Model X using nothing more than a drone and a Wi-Fi dongle.'

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On 5/23/2021 at 5:01 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


Wow, what's encouraging about that is the number of people and effort required to fire that howitzer or whatever. One gets the impression that a lot of warfare is much easier nowadays. Kinda makes you think that if the 'grunts' woke up there would be no problem as there wouldn't be enough people to man the weapons.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
8 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

It’s ransomware, or maybe a disk wiper, and it’s striking targets in Israel


'Dubbed Apostle, never-before-seen wiper masquerades as ransomware.'

The comments underneath are even more interesting than the article...  :O)

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