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Shell to acquire UK's largest electric vehicle charging network


Trump Restricted Drone Imports In Final White House Days


Elon Musk is planning a Fallout-themed opening party for the Boring Company's Las Vegas tunnels 'as soon as allowed'


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21 hours ago, perpetual said:

Why your face could be set to replace your bank card





A pilot in Seoul now:


T-Money trials face biometrics for contactless payments to public transportation

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Wingcopter raises $22 million to ramp up delivery drone production


'Wingcopter, a Darmstadt, Germany-based drone manufacturer, today announced that it raised $22 million in a funding round led by Xplorer Capital and Futury Regio Growth Fund. The company says it will use the proceeds to expand its health care-related activities (including the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines), prepare for the launch of its next-gen drones, set up a partially automated production facility, and grow its team at a new U.S. complex.'



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Did a forum search for OneWeb but nothing came back about UK gov spending £500 Million in July 2020 buying 42.2% of the company.


OneWeb was going bankrupt in March 2020


They now have 110 satellites all nearly ready to beam shit down upon us. Should be running by end 2021 and full op in 2022.

Considering the UK gov have no money, how nice of them to spend half a billion of our labour on shit to control and enslave us.

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Not really tech news, but my Kaspersky hasent worked properly with win 10 since I installed & never shows when you click on it, just stays in background.
I gave up reinstalling & trying to fix the issue.

Now renewal comes up & it starts showing up reminding me of all the great things it has to offer.

Might just just go with windows defendor infuture.🙄


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India plans national digital currency plus a ban on ‘private’ crypto-cash


'Also in India over the weekend, the government cut internet access in cities that saw large and vociferous protests by farmers unhappy with new laws that liberalise wholesale trade in agricultural goods.'



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