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December 23, 2020


Researchers say they can detect Twitter “disinformation” before a user even posts it


Given its recent track record of censorship, banning users and muting and deranking their content with labels, it’s not hard to imagine Twitter might be sorely tempted to implement any new technology that facilitates and even “improves” on this policy.


Especially if it happens to open up a whole new horizon of censoring that’s not limited to punishing “thought crime” that has already occurred – but predicting and dealing with “pre thought crime.”


That is essentially what a new algorithm developed by researchers from England’s University of Sheffield aims to achieve: predict if a user will “spread disinformation before they actually do it.”


The hope stemming from this dystopian-sounding method, which is said to be artificial intelligence (machine learning)-powered, is to help social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, but also governments, come up with their own, new ways of clamping down on what’s deemed to be disinformation.


The study that the algorithm builds upon is based on the authors’ preconceived notion of reliable and unreliable news sources; from there, the researchers looked into Twitter users sharing posts from both categories. All in all, a million tweets from some 6,200 users were included to produce the algorithm whose accuracy in predicting “pre thought crime” is said to be as high as 79.9 percent.


The study and the algorithm deal with natural language processed by computers, and what betrayed users as sharing from “unreliable” sources was their frequent use of words such as “liberal,” “government,” “media” – you don’t really need artificial intelligence to understand that these people are interested in politics. On the other end of the study’s results are the “good” users who are unlikely to spread disinformation, as they mostly steer clear of politics, share from “reliable” sources, and are prone to tweeting about their personal lives. (How the researchers or their algorithm can be sure this content is not full of “disinformation” is not exactly clear).


Unlike the “misinformation spreaders” who often also use “impolite” words, the opposite category favors a vocabulary composed of words like “excited,” “birthday,” “wanna,” “gonna,” etc.

Other than helping tech companies and governments clamp down on speech (i.e., disinformation) more efficiently, the study also hopes social scientists and psychologists can use it to “improve their understanding of such user behavior on a large scale.”

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Israeli Computer Vision Startup Raises $60 Million To Expand ‘Frictionless’ Checkout


'Without identifying supermarkets that will deploy the cashierless checkout system, called Easyout, Michael Gabay said Trigo is currently working with four tier 1 companies, including Tesco, one of the world’s largest grocers with stores across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Central Europe and Asia.'

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A.I. The Tech Version of Instant Concrete


I was just speaking to a friend who is finishing a degree in Meteorology  and something occurred to me.   He was saying that you can understand any particular mechanism in the atmosphere like how convection changes the weather.  But there are many of these mechanisms which create a 3 dimensional situation and it's very hard to get your head around.


Well A.I. although it sounds really fancy one of the main technologies is that the weather forecasting machines "learn".  Learning also sounds really fancy.  But in reality all it means is that it watches the weather day to day accumulating past weather patterns ... and then in its forecast it just repeats them.  That's all.  It is a fancy way for the computer to Xerox the previous weather patterns and make forecasts out of it.

It requires very little real understanding of weather at all.  And no human input.


So perfect for the kind of human dumb sh** that now populates "science" ... all they do is switch on the machine and it copies the past.  And thicko scientists does sweet fa.


And that is A.I.  the instant concrete of the tech world.  Or yet another heist but stupid insincere monkeys who are going to die on this planet.

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High Tech Fibreglass GRP Roof

Last year one of my neighbours got a new roof, but not a normal one ... a new and improved very expensive £4000 I believe, very high fucking tech.

Along came 3 Lithuanian builders ... with a roll of mesh that they unrolled onto the roof and stuck a roller on the end of a poll and stuck it in a bucket of resin and rolled over the mesh.

That's it.  That's the "high fucking tech" new roof technology.

No skill, no effort, no brain ... any dumb shit 4 year old toddler can do it.

That's what high tech means.

It means so simple even idiot humans can do.



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Arc de Goddam Triomphe Paris

How far has human intelligence fallen?

Good question.
It's not just intelligence, modern people don't feel anything any more, they live as if dead.

Here's a couple of Arc de Triomphes that the frogs build in Paris.  The first required skill expertise passion and art.

The second is grey dogshit smoothed over.

The first was 1830 the second 1990.
Western humans are like thick planks compared to their ancestors.








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20 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

The architect's childhood home on his wikipedia page looks pretty cozy, but then he must have went totally downhill from there.


Looks like the work of a faceless mindless child to me.







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