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On 5/22/2020 at 1:27 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Another thread about AI, biometrics, digital currency, the surveillance state and more.




Where was our vote on all this?  All that is offered is voting for an identikit political party with the usual bland and never realised policy promises of more funding for schools, hospitals, better pensions, ending the housing crisis, more bobbies on the beat etc., but the fundamental issues of how society runs and the direction it goes does not get any mention.

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Scientists Develop a Bioelectronic Device That Can Regulate Genes From Outside the Body


"A device of this kind would enable people to be fully integrated into the digital world and become part of the Internet of Things – or even the Internet of the Body," Fussenegger says.



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13 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Not sure if it's as dumb as they claim, but it might be worth checking out. For more advance needs the PinePhone is still worth keeping an eye on.

Nokia's reboot of the 5310 is a blissfully dumb phone that will lug some mp3s about just fine



Good to know, and shows some shrewdness on Nokia's part. A phone's good to have in case of emergencies, like breaking down on the motorway. No other features are needed for me.

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Motion sensor data (accessible without user permission in iOS and Android) can reveal your health condition, body features, age, sex, emotional state, biometric identity, driving style, smoking behaviour, intoxication, text typed on the touchscreen, and location — even when GPS is disabled.



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