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Youtube will start to demand ID / credit cards information from European users.


Internet Archive adds fact checks to explain web page takedowns


Students Are Rebelling Against Eye-Tracking Exam Surveillance Tools


Wikipedia probe exposes an Israeli stealth PR firm that worked for scammers


Graphene-based memory resistors show promise for brain-based computing


Google CEO Thinks AI Will Be More Profound Change Than Fire


China's seventh supercomputer center passes acceptance with 100 Pflops of peak computing power

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Can you see what I hear? New ear biometrics technique has a high accuracy rate


Vix Vizion face biometrics approved for enforcing gambling bans in South Australia


Cognitec upgrades FaceVACS biometric engine for higher identification accuracy with masks


EU Data Protection Supervisor backs moratorium on biometrics deployments


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Police Will Pilot a Program to Live-Stream Amazon Ring Cameras


New Israeli robot scurries like a cockroach, runs like a lizard – swims, too


Quantum computers are coming. Get ready for them to change everything


Kim Dotcom can be extradited, Supreme Court rules. But wait, there’s more …


Tencent Video comes to Nintendo eShop for Chinese version of Switch


China has built world's largest charging network for new energy vehicles


Chinese city installs new streetlights that can offer wireless charging to phones

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22 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Probably go Xbox. Not 100%. Always had PlayStation but recently bought Xbox one s. Used to hate Xbox system but when I plugged in ps4 for first time in months it was really clunky and seemed miles apart from Xbox.


Same. Playstation often has some good exclusives, but they're often singleplayer and I mostly play online these days. I have lots of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles that I want to carry over too.

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Fitness-tracker biometrics predict COVID-19 better than temps


Got to get the slaves wearing wearable trackers.


Biometric smart cards and civic digital identity apps to redefine wallets

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Virgin Hyperloop hits an important milestone: the first human passenger test


Maintenance Robot Walks on a Wind Turbine's Blade in a World First


Government revive push to make apps like WhatsApp and iMessage weaken protections so they can read messages


Japanese Scientists Create Technology to Control Small Gundam Robots With Their Minds


The terrorist attack in Vienna is being used by EU Council of Ministers to enforce a ban on secure encryption for services such as WhatsApp, Signal and many others (German)


'Robot soldiers could make up quarter of British army by 2030s'

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