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Simprints biometric vaccine management solution among winners of MIT healthcare challenge


Heathrow’s dormakaba biometric boarding installation to reach 400 gates by year-end

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

You mean we haven't already been forced into a Parallel Universe at the beginning of this year  ?  😕 

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Shenzhen joins hands with China's central bank to distribute 10 million gift money in form of digital RMB


QCraft will be first automated bus provider in China to start normal operations on open roads


Baidu announces full opening of self-driving taxi service in Beijing


Intelligent systems will make traffic congestion disappear in a decade, says Baidu's Robin Li

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Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems, or Laws


Slaughterbots – made by the Future of Life Institute. (Elon Musk)






In the abstract, we can probably agree that ostracism – and more severe punishment – is also merited for the designers and users of killer robots. The very idea of a machine set loose to slaughter is chilling. And yet some of the world’s largest militaries seem to be creeping toward developing such weapons, by pursuing a logic of deterrence: they fear being crushed by rivals’ AI if they can’t unleash an equally potent force. The key to solving such an intractable arms race may lie less in global treaties than in a cautionary rethinking of what martial AI may be used for. As “war comes home”, deployment of military-grade force within countries such as the US and China is a stark warning to their citizens: whatever technologies of control and destruction you allow your government to buy for use abroad now may well be used against you in the future.


In this robotised vision of “humane domination”, war would look more and more like an extraterritorial police action. Enemies would be replaced with suspect persons subject to mechanised detention instead of lethal force.


The advance of AI use in the military, police, prisons and security services is less a rivalry among great powers than a lucrative global project by corporate and government elites to maintain control over restive populations at home and abroad.

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UK Government to stop accepting EU ID cards for border crossings


Biometric database with ‘all forms of identity defense’ dangerous, Israeli govt committee warns

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