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Just now, Jason said:

Mods and the like are so paranoid right now, they have stopped new members from joining the... community; probably why it's so dead.

you're livening it up though! They've had to do that it isn't ideal I agree. but when you have literally megabytes of information stolen by hackers, people tend to get a bit, shall we say, careful?. Paranoid would be worried, preoccupied or fearful...I think they are none of those things. Just not stupid.

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1 minute ago, Jason said:

Not been on here since this hack, when was it, 16th? Don't blame me. 

wouldn't dream of it. it's nice to have you. you're right, we were all getting a bit bored and battle weary.

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10 minutes ago, Jason said:




sorry, didn't mean to offend. You have properly cheered me up. It's good to see new input. I was seriously wondering why we bother and whether it was worth recreating all the hours of information we lost. But new people such as yourself should have access to it. thank you :-)

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spelling remains important in these matters
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2 minutes ago, Jason said:

I was just messing, I'm actually from the future, but don't ask me the lottery numbers, without cheating, can you tell me what last night's were? 

now why would I need to do that? I'm sorry I'm confused now. 

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