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4 minutes ago, Jason said:

Expressing myself?


Well lets consider?


Just got fucked over and maybe everyone is on a sort of edge?


You post .... "I smell rats on this thread."


I reply with .... "and now I do as well .... but before I didn't? "


and the first thing you do .... is what I wanted to know lmfao ....


"Attitude like that, I'm not surprised this forum got hacked, you mods/admins are not gods, you know; probably an inside job, maybe it was you... "


Which is why I replied to you and you answered exactly as I thought you might!



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Course the little git has noticed. He's been hopping all round the place like a were-rabbit on a full moon.


I lured you over here, Jason, out of respect for the other member's thread, in order to point out that I don't appreciate being referred to as 'gramps', or 'old timer' by some prepubescent prat (or elderly twerp, posing as a prepubescent prat).



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Just now, Kala Namak said:

tbh I haven't followed any of your posts. 

I haven't been following your posts, but it would appear that you've been posting in a dodgy fashion. 

No more dodgy than some

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Guest Gone Fishing...
34 minutes ago, Jason said:

Just got this message pop up on my screen. 


Wow :classic_ohmy: 
That's terrible.
Where have you been banned from ?

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