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No. Like I've said elsewhere, I have severe heart failure; heart disease and, apart from usual coughs and colds, I've been fine. My sister and a few of her family were 'diagnosed' as having it but never tested. They are also fine now.

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I haven't had it.  I don't know anyone who has had it.  I don't know anyone who knows anyone who has had it.  Just some people saying they had the symptoms last year.  My family back where I am from (not myself or my wife) had something that sounds identical in 2018, and lots of other people had this where they live in Virginia in 2018.


The amount of real evidence that they took the seasonal flu virus and built a fictional mythology around it is so huge that it boggle the mind how everyone cannot see this.


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I don't know if I've had this virus or not.


But I do know that just before Christmas last year, I did come down with a particularly 'heavy cold'. Didn't stop me going to work, but I did feel really lousy for a few days, and I did have a bit of a cough. As the cold 'cleared up', the cough persisted though for several weeks, and over Christmas while staying at my parents, even my brother remarked 'is that the same cough you've got?'


My brother lives in London so only comes up for Christmas every other year, and as it happened just before Christmas 2017 I'd had the same cold with the lingering cough that stayed for weeks. Seems to happen to me now every time I get a cold, it turns into what I assume is a chest infection that isn't serious but does take a few weeks to clear up.


So anyway after Christmas after a few weeks, my cough had cleared up, and I've been fine ever since. But my two colleagues at work did come down with some kind of flu towards the end of January, and both had time off work, plus their son came down really bad with it. Remarkably, despite a lack of 'social distancing' and scrubbing everything down with bleach, I didn't catch it from either of them.


Personally I don't believe it is possible to catch a 'virus' and then remain 'asymptomatic' - you either catch it or you don't. If you catch a virus and don't develop any symptoms, that must mean that your body's immune system has reacted to and 'dealt with' the intruder, thus surely the virus is not able to reproduce and go on to 'infect' others. Thus surely you can't be 'spreading' it.





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The elderly cousin of an elderly friend had died from it. As he told me.

That's as close as I've got. Although a runny nose and the odd cough, I'd rather keep the fuck away from hospitals.

Seriously, I once applied for a job in the 90's as a Hospital worker. During the interview I was told "You should be a patient!".


*Huge ho ho ho laughter to invoke memories if you have any of 1980's Filmation cartoon series. As I obviously left and thought "OK... Fuck hospital work then".

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I caught a cold from my daughter who came to stay for Christmas, on Christmas Eve, and felt wiped out for 4 days, but kept going, as there was the Christmas dinner to make for family & so on. It wasn't as grim as flu, when all your muscles ache, and I wasn't feverish.


But now, 5 months later, I still have a runny nose.


I am blaming it on the flu jab, which I took for the 1st time last November, after declining the yearly invitations for it for years. It's too much of a coincidence not to be at the bottom of it imo.


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Dont know anyone who has had it.

Asked a lady on the sainsburys checkout and she said some old chap down her street had it and died - he had other pre existing conditions so I said so with corona  rather from corona  - she agreed !

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I think I had it in december. Or at least the flu they're calling this virus.  It lasted nearly a month in total with a partial recovery in between, and felt more like a year..

I think it was this virus because I had chest tightness and shortness of breath amongst the usual flu symptoms amplified, and it was the worst flu I can remember.


And a couple of family friends were told they had it when they became very ill a couple of months ago - don't ask me who told them. Doctor probably

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Nobody I know has had it.

Nobody I know knows of anyone they know who's had it 

Nobody I've talked to has had it

Nobody I've talked to knows anyone they know who's had it

So basically I've had it with those "in the know" who know that everyone is at risk of having it and know of millions who have it....and even have figures of people who have "Had It" due to having it.....Not to mention the ones who believe that they can get it and just don't "Get It".

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21 hours ago, Jason said:

Whether real or not, have either you or somebody you know had this "virus"? 


I woman who I work with. Her 39 year old son got tested positive for it and pneumonia after getting a temp and shortness of breath. Stayed in hospital for 7 days then was kicked out.


He even got on the Piers Morgan morning show. Very surreal.


To me that shows you how much of a psyops this is. What are the chances? Too high if this was real.

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22 hours ago, zArk said:

mostly everyone has had it december 2019 through to now.

tight chest, hurting to take deep breath

severe - high temp, bed ridden with the above



I missed that one in December, I had a tooth abcess and was on antibiotics.

Remember my friends and  family  all going down with it.

Middle of March I caught something,  tight chest, cough , slight fever, was over it in a week.


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