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Having some problems with family members and really need some advice.


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sometimes they are concerned that people in the same family is them don't think or feel the same as them, even if they're being negative.

Try to be compassionate and patient. But also positive about the future, even if just feeling or thinking that way internally.   People are scared and not thinking logically 



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8 hours ago, TruthSeeker27 said:


I relate to this so much. My mother also believes deep down that something is rotten, but her fear is clouding her judgement. And yeah, if it meant getting back full freedom (such as it ever was), my whole family would go for the vaccine if they really had to. 


That is exactly what my 80 year old mum thinks too. It was bloody hard trying to convince her to what's going on as she is stuck between a rock and hard place on this one. Her memory isn't too good either so that's made it harder.


The way I've turned her around (not fully) is sitting down and talking to her. Not lecturing her. I've shown her a few David Icke videos, Andrew Kaufman videos... and a few others. Then I've basically said compare that to the government/mainstream media narrative. She's watching fear-porn all day (the TV) and that's not helping. Basically, I'm putting the ball in her court and letting her question things and make her think... planting the seed, if you will.

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