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Guest Gone Fishing...
11 hours ago, oz93666 said:


Only 1 hr allowed to edit a post ... I think it should be extended to at least 2

After the 1 hour cut off - Flag your own post and explain what you want done to it and a Mod will sort it out.. 



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6 hours ago, oz93666 said:


People who make one line comments have no need for edit at all ! No thought goes into their posts , they say nothing worth reading  ...


A few craft their posts carefully , and are still thinking about what they typed house later  , their own posts stimulate their own thinking , and they come up with improvements   ,also being aware it maybe read by future generations ( if management take care in preserving it) 


This is the difference between twitters and tweets used by the dumbed down masses and forums which should be for more serious thinkers.



i understand that....but the longer time for editing gives trolls more option to fuck up threads and forum


if you don't trust me,ask other mods

they are here

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Just to alert the admins know I will not be giving up my rations to like their posts, nothing personal.

I see important threads being hijacked as well..never get moved or removed.

So important posts get scrolled, maybe by design.

Never seen this kind of shit tolerated before, specially when admins are joining in.


No news as to who is this elusive webmaster who couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery either..that keeps sabotaging the forum thats already difficult enough to post in.


No mention of whats happening about all the posts deleted by the hack?


@GarethIcke makes a thread about all the lovely things we request for the new forum..then employs some total knob who cant even string a decent banner together.

Why I have so much faith in GI

So much for the truther cause, everything he has ever done for this forum.🤭

Big up the corporate truth movement™



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