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(much needed) HUMOUR THREAD

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A man goes to the Doctor with a pain in his bottom.


The Doctor says he has "Covid Arse" and it is fatal.The only cure is to find a volunteer to suck out the poison.


He goes home and tells his wife the news and she then breaks it to their children


"Daddy is going to die!"

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We send greetings to our polish friends overseas, they are the greatest party animals and they know how to enjoy themselves...


My favourite part is when you get into 8hrs:42 secs into the soundtrack.






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Always more interesting than watching mainstream media. At least this reports the truth. It's Myaah.


We hope you enjoyed all the ten hours. Its quite enlightening. Welcome to BBC News.



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Just now, wingwang said:



Captain Tom shaking his booty again...




Oh come on now, we were gonna pop on the Prodigy, but the ole bugger is still walking laps of the garden.

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6 minutes ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:



Yay  Saw this a few years ago on 4chan. It a cover of four non-blondes... Reminded me of X-Factor, although he-man here has far greater talent in the vocal department.

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