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Guest Gone Fishing...

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This is true ,where I live we have ticks ,bush ticks ,cattle ticks, paralysis ticks  and these rotten little things that I call grass ticks they are black and about the size of the head of a pin,but don't they make you swell up,I had one on my left hip for a couple of days and now half my ass looks like it shops at Cosco's, I hope you sick bastards find that funny

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Chat up lines for the pubs opening tomorrow

What disinfectant are you wearing?

Why don't we slip into something less protective?

Until I saw you, I was just bored stiff

Why don't we get a Zoom?

Would you handle my package if I left it outside for 2 days?

I have bog roll.

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One night after a late shift driving a double decker around the rougher parts of Brighton I had to chill out on the computer before going to bed, this is what I came up with! The doctor told me I'm back to 'normal' now, and you have to believe the doctors don't you?  DON'T YOU? I once stuck a sticker on my works locker that read

'I couldn't come into work yesterday, the voices told me to stay home and clean all my guns'! One of the supervisors asked me to remove it because it made one of the other drivers nervous! :classic_ninja::classic_rolleyes: But, I'm cured now!?

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