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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Here is an updated joke from about 1928...


Two blokes,Patrick and Michael we shall appellate them,met up in the pub after a year of lockdown.


Patrick noticed that his old friend now had no arms.


"Good Heavens" he did cry "What on Earth happened to you?"


"Alas on returning to work at the sawmill after so long I was careless and accidentally sawed off my arm!"


"But,my dear fellow,you appear to have no arms at all...!"


"Yes,my foreman asked me what had just occurred,so I reached out and showed him!"



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Digging up old chestnuts
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Guest Gone Fishing...
On 5/6/2021 at 6:55 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:





When you're not sure if you should laugh or be impressed.


l think he's been hitting it on yewtube real hard too....  😂 


in the end.jpg 


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Guest Gone Fishing...
4 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



7.1m likes on my preferred version too. lol



That's a cool dreamy version and a great vid  😎

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