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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, wingwang said:

Indeed. Strawberry Sunday, The Fridge [Escape from Samsara], Orange, AWOL Paradise Club, etc!

Oooooooo  yeah.
Ever go to TheEnd - MrC's club ?

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Guest Gone Fishing...
Just now, wingwang said:

No! That's one place I didn't go!


Ministry, Club UK, Astoria, Wag, SW1, Turnmills...




Yep, yep and yep....
Gardening Club 1 or 2 ?
We must have gurned at each other at some point.
Early - Mid 90s..?

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Caught the end of the aceed scene. Was into industrial techno for a bit. Dropped a load of acid at Spiral Tribe squat parties held around the Brixton and Tooting areas. Then onto early 90s hardcore and jungle/drums and bass / house / garage.


"What ya taken? Where you from? You know the coup. For those that know!"


^ A homage to all the now arthritic cheesy quavers out there! 

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