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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Poor old Des; his greatist hits shall be missed like Max Bygraves; like a hole in the head. However his true chrisma showed through in his TV presenting. Maybe those from a different era think differently, but you know when you find Des' albums in the local record store they cant even give them away to the homeless 😂

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I have been thinking. I know that a load of sheep are called a 'flock of sheep'.  I know that a load of wolves are called a 'pack of wolves'. I know that a load of numnuts are called a 'brilliance of numnuts'. All of that is set in stone.


So, what is the collective term for a load of freemasons then? I have heard them called a gang on occasion, but that term makes them sound a little bit tough, which is quite misleading given the fact that they still all play with their Sindy dolls every night. How does an 'embezzlement of freemasons' fit the bill?

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