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We just got a new puppy ,dogs are great they give you unconditional love .Case in point ,you lock a dog in the boot of a car in the shade all day with a bowl of water and when you let it out it will be so happy to see you.

Now lock your misses in the boot all day with a bowl of water and see what happens when you let her out

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On 5/19/2020 at 3:04 PM, Basket Case said:


That reminds me of that so very silly rule of coughing behind you I encountered among the population of Mallorca! If you are ever on holiday there, you might come across this: "Giret darrera!" What if somebody is standing right behind you? Then they get your cough straight into their face! So, children there are very often not taught to cough with a hand across their mouth, but to simply turn their heads.

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