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26 minutes ago, Campion said:

"because racecar" ?? oh heck, yet another internet meme I need to look up and remind myself how out of touch I am with street culture 😛  thank goodness for urban dictionary! 

here is another one "project car"🫣

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16 minutes ago, Screamingeagle said:

here is another one "project car"🫣


Oh I geddit - street culture > cars ... ha ha but these days street culture is people glued to their phones 😮 


"project car
A car of any kind, rusty, broken, classic, modern, muscle cars, JDMs, exotic cars and so on. But need a lot of money to maintain and improve performance. Other people see this as wasting money, but in the eyes of car enthusiasts, they are actually building a bond with the car.
Why are you spending so much money on car parts for your project car?


But don't forget vintage cars are exempt from CGT so it's not so silly after all ... 

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