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A Hyena said to a monkey, 'I'm sick of that lion 🦁beating me up every time he see's me, so next time I see him I'm gonna have a go at him, if he gets the upper hand will you jump in and help me'? The monkey 🐵 was scared, but agreed to help. Later on the lion came past and said to the hyena 'what are you looking at fuckface'? the hyena said 'how the fuck would I know, I'm not  gynecologist'? The fight started and there was blood and snot flying everywhere, two minutes later the lion swaggered away leaving the hyena in a battered mess on the floor! The monkey dropped down from his branch and asked 'you O.K. mate'? The hyena said 'you twat, 🤨I thought you was gonna help me if he started winning'?🤔 The monkey said 'well, you were laughing so much, I thought you were winning'!🫢

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