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On 12/26/2023 at 1:11 AM, numnuts said:

The, albeit very brief, 'Resurrection Of Henry Kissinger'.


Numnuts (disguised as a paedo-rapist viking) - 'Henry, wake up! Cryo time is over.'


Henry (rubbing his eyes) - 'Kirk, is that you? Have we returned from Valhalla together?'


Numnuts (removing his disguise) - 'Well, not quite Henry. It's Numnuts and there's no cure waiting for you!'


Henry - 'Noooo! What's going on?'


Numnuts - 'Well, Greta got a court order to cut the electricity to this place, as it was using too much energy.'


Henry - 'One last request!'


Numnuts - 'What is it, Henry?'


Henry - 'What was with Perot?!'


Numnuts (disconnects Henry's emergency back-up battery) - 'Ah, you can ask him yourself in 33 ticks.'


Henry - 'Noooo! This isn't fair!'


Numnuts (jumps on Henry's bed and lets one rip right over his nostrils) - 'No more Hoorays for you, Henry. Blame Putin!'


Henry - 'Ooh arghh. Ooh arghh. I'll' have you!'


Numnuts - (while golden showering Henry's fukked up face) - 'Maybe not. Bye bye, Henry.'


P.S. All conceived, after a Christmas beer or two. Maybe, one day, I will become a celebrated author. 🙂


On 12/26/2023 at 3:32 AM, numnuts said:

WTF. I was so worse for wear, that I even forgot to add in my punch line. Which was:


Numnuts (while grinning broadly) - 'Kissinger my ass!' 🙂



Henry (In the mortuary) - 'Numnuts, you still there?'


Numnuts (OMG, the old buzzard isn't quite dead yet) - 'What is it, Henry?'


Henry - 'Why is this happening to me?'


Numnuts - 'I already explained that to you. It's Da Environment, stoopid!'


Henry - 'I didn't get my last request!'


Numnuts - 'I never granted you a last request. Now, please just fukk off!'


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