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The makers of the future film about the life of Dame Barbara Cartland download(4).jpg.b77d04c999df0bcddae4ff1e957891af.jpg {' MONEY FOR OLD ROPE'} are starting casting sessions for the main leading role in the new year, several candidates have put themselves forward for the auditions!

download(2).jpg.bab521be63213b27cdf2f0e9cb4db35b.jpg  download(3).jpg.04ea57161a64311b190d5ab971199fb8.jpgdownload(5).jpg.dd96b36723f736d5d467f1e6032a143f.jpgdownload(8).jpg.62c67e3775d82237793fa77a2097965d.jpg


Unfortunately, one of the candidates had to pull out due to an urgent appointment with the undertaker!


I have no excuses for this post, I don't drink, or take drugs, I was thinking about political  pantomimes and this just came into my head!🤔

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18 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



There^ featured as an example of interesting movie making, but as it is supposed to be this troublesome and dripping with insolence impasse of the preventative conversation, which in this scene has the hallmarks of suppression (or mutually idol indifference to everything) but mostly judging by their lack of tongue, yet one of the guys says there is no law to do any clamping down?... (yet they ALL remain dumb people anyway??),


Anyway, such NON-interactions are still widely available with many an "invalid" courtesy of the manner-less world in now times. Nevermind time-travelling to get dull people surrounding you. 

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