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Guest Gone Fishing...

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^^^ Driver's ironic retort ==> I never saw the short cut coming, that's my (his) excuse!! 😂


and Eta, as I now see there is a stop sign, the purpose of that (in my devils eye) 😇 was to tell drivers, DO ACTUALLY NOT STOP FOR THE SHORTCUTS if they happen to see one at a STOP SIGN, you have your contractual orders, now obey them!

Continue straight on truckers... Perhaps don't be tempted, by your wild inclinations... 


Of course he could have just braked too hard and skidded off road to the side there as the simple explanation.

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New set of Nazca Lines discovered in the U.K. by budding photographer, the cameraman has nickname the lines as 'The Fergie Trench', personally I

believe he may be looking at the wrong part of the picture!


Anyway Halloween will soon be upon us, AND dear Fergie has been invited to Sandringham for Christmas by Cami Knickers, where they'll both be downing gallows of the stuff that is reputed to give Lizard skin a bit of a make over, not a minute too soon by the look of it!

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