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Funny, but every so often I find I like to laugh. Don't know why that is exactly, but I have some theories.


New to these forums and don't know exactly were to place the following comments so I hope this thread is okay...


One thing I've enjoyed about David Icke's speaking engagements/slide presentations on video (aside from the main discourse, of course) are those insertions of mock signs and posters, with their amusing captions. Some of them are absolute howlers.


I've noticed, though, that the audience reaction is not always one of amusement, which I find mind-boggling.


Take the lecture Mr. Icke gave at the Oxford Union Debating Society. He inserts a downright hysterical slide image to absolutely zero audience reaction, whatsoever. A few seconds later, another one. Once again I'm chuckling. Whereas, those seated there at the event just sit there like humorless stoics.


Q: Did Mr. Icke make up these (mock) signs and posters, or someone else? I think these ought to be made available to buy on the website!

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