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Guest Gone Fishing...

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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 hours ago, zArk said:


lol someone did an analysis././////

lmao.... to debunk it...//// hahahahaha


very funny video , audacious manoeuvre only haters would say fake

The Bus is FLAT  :classic_wink:

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Jesus and the Devil have a competition

After countless years of Jesus being in the spotlight, the Devil had had enough. He issued a challenge to Jesus; whoever writes the longest story on Microsoft Word wins. Jesus accepts, and they get to it. After hours and hours of frantic typing, there is suddenly a power cut. The Devil is furious, whilst Jesus remains calm. As soon as the power comes back, he boots up his computer and has lost all his work, before seeing Jesus calmly typing from where he left off. Lucifer is not happy at all, calling Jesus a cheat, before God intervenes, proclaiming Jesus the winner. The moral of the story? *Jesus saves*


God and Jesus are playing a game on their PlayStations.

God and Jesus are playing a game on their PlayStations. Jesus gets a text from Lucifer that he wants to join them online. Jesus asks God if that's okay. God knows that it won't work because Lucifer plays on X-box.

He tells Jesus that Lucifer isn't cross-compatible.

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I am a psychic, intuitive, tarot reader.


So, I want to share with you a joke from Heaven......


So, backstory, I have a nemesis, the most abusive person that I ever met. He has big lips, and that's how the gay-dark side works and sees/scouts out other manly involved men****. They be like "I know what those big lips are for". lol Real stuff. Extra muscle there for the type of face/structure you have. They be looking out for other men with plumpy lips and extra chap stick. (2 years back, this is something a Spirit Guide told me, didn't figure that one out myself). Id say that it is a whole secret life style that is going on behind the scenes, just a lot more of that then they let us on to believe. 


So, anyways recently made a whole bunch of rants about the dark side and huge revelations,


and Heaven is like "I guess your the one with the bigger lips".


lol Real time stuff here. lol 

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