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Guest Gone Fishing...

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30 minutes ago, georgesmiley said:

Cat get a human.jpg



One of my four cats had a parasite on its back a few weeks ago during lockdown. Fortunately it was Boxer! my least aggressive cat

in regard to human strangers.


It was such a treat to go to the vet and be able to talk to someone! (a German vet who thinks the virus is exaggerated and

also the measures against the people) Bravo.


Anyway it turned out to be a very large tick which he removed and Boxer is still fighting ... the other cats, not me.:classic_biggrin:


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Guest Gone Fishing...
2 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:



i need some context

Superb Steam Punk Dystopian Comedy film by Terry Gilliam :classic_love: 
(named after the music piece used)

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9 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:



what happens to you ?


look right after having posted a big reply somewhere else I get an online notification for this thread I's reading but on which I never posted and I stumble upon this...... :classic_blink:



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Just now, screamingeagle said:



my meme wasn't aimed at anyone 

(i saved it from covid mega thread before the attack where was post as respons to some links about goverment steps)


OK so much for me... just had a paranoia seizure... 



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