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I came across a fishy MSM story the other day. It was basically a summary of two french articles from Le Parisien and La Liberation about Stéphane Bourgoin, a writer specialised in serial killers. Le Parisien claimed they had done a 50 minute phone interview with Bourgoin where he allegedly confessed to being a pathological liar. The headline read accordingly „confessions d'un mythomane en série“. The pun in the story came in the end, like it often does. „The publishing of his new book has been stopped“ without mentioning topic or title. According to Le Parisien the book is about Michel Fourniret, a revised edition of the earlier „L'Ogre des Ardennes“ („The Monster of the Ardennes“. L'ogre also translates as cannibal) Fourniret is a convicted serial rapist and killer who had been living for twenty years or so within a 40km radius of the infamous Chateau des Amerois and at a time owned a castle nearby.

Publishers Grasset told Le Parisien the publishing has been postponed „sine die“.

I didn't really research Mr. Bourgoin. Maybe the „liar“ story is legit to some extent. But the way these articles are written and spread worldwide makes me think this looks like a typical MSM character assassination, initiated by intelligence agencies.

Bourgoin may have found valid information about the paedo network in the Belgium/France/Luxembourg area. What do you think?

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