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I don't believe anyone could listen to this classic and not feel their vibrations lift...    

I was at this gig  

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1 hour ago, screamingeagle said:

i must admit,i never lisend Floor singing Tarja era,not that i don't like her,....just didn't 😳



Haha! I wasn't the biggest fan of Anette, but when Floor came along, I was stunned.

She makes something so beautiful of Ghost Love Score..especially that note at the end..crivens! She's a true siren 😄

I wasn't her greatest fan of Stargazers though...only Tarja can really do that flawlessly 🙂

I do miss Tarja greatly. It feels odd to still call them Nightwish as they've become such a different band to the beginning days.. 

Oh the good old days of Passion and The Opera..those were the days 🙂


Higher than Hope reminds me of being 13, starting my goth phase in life. Aah 🙂 I miss those days so much. 

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