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Ah! The thread that takes ages to load is back!

Appreciated Motorcycle Emptiness a few pages back, but are you aware (you are now) singer guitarist frontman James Dean Bradfield has a solo album out next month.

Called "Even In Exile" it's a CONCEPT album about the life and death of Victor Jara. James has known about him far longer than I could ever claim to have. 

And in response to RichplanetTV, I've no problem with James "just accepting words" as he doesn't. There's discussions and things taken out and added it. I get the Manics division of labour. Bring him the words, he'll come back with the music and the drummer works out the arrangements. Fuck would I be in something like that than how my music usually turns out? 

Anyway, rambled, this sounds like it's going to be a really interesting album.



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