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3 hours ago, TruthSeeker27 said:



A fitting, yet fun song for these crazy days we're living through. Take it away Hoff!


EDIT: Apologies for only providing the URL. If anyone can fill me in on how I can post an image and instant link I'd be grateful.



hei .. you just add full adress ... www .youtube.com. .. and so on whatever numbers are there ...., and then it usually you see only adress in text but  it  doesnt open the video  straight (on my machine is like that) ... so i keep there just a adress  link as texts and submit that  ,... and then second time you  click edit again  ... and then you can delete that link and then again add  that same  link adress and then it opens video and then you can submit that edited texts ...... and there you  have it video shows up and opens  ,  ... but  sometimes lately when i do that i get message you cannot edit because you are blocked , its because there is some bug in david icke .com site ,...... so then i have to  add that same adress link in new reply post and it usually works  , ........ hope you understood what i meant and it helped ... :)





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10 hours ago, Aratron said:

This is a acid techno and techno mix I’ve done on my vinyl decks live. Some classic and very new techno on here enjoy 

hei Aratron ,..  well done  techno production ,  good sound and mixing , ,...  some moments remind me on Prodigy style synths and  phrasing   , ..  sounds like a pro ...

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Symbolism alert!!


The video starts with Gaga lying down on the ground with a knife in her thigh but still alive.

The theme is....yet again RAIN. Rain being 'knowledge' but that knowledge is now raining down as swords. lol

If you listen, later she sings "at least I'm still alive"


Ariana sings "no one is innocent...at least we try"


Dancing hands up in the air, singing "I'm about to fly" meaning they are becoming independent with the help of divine (sky).


My take on this is that, as the beginning of the lyrics says, she didn't ask to be a part of the cult, just wanted to have a good time even if she had to put in work...but now they are turning on them. They know, artists get killed.




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