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Been a fan since I heard a rusty old version of big-mouth strikes again on old grey whistle test 10 years ago. 


Still in awe of the genius of this band and mozza.


Painful to listen to this one.

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Impressive... Not Passive, so I could hardly put it in Shabbirss thread for Relaxation/ Meditation, much though I love that thread... but it is certainly A SORT of meditation, not much doubt about that.... Anyway, the more peaceful stuff goes in Shabbirss thread sanctuary, so you're seeing THIS here as better fitting.... ((((since it is a bit loud)))) 😄



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Bloody hell, I just listened to 30 mins of Introducing on BBC Radio 1 sitting in my car. 


Ive never heard such utter shite in all my life.


Song after song was basically exactly the same, same key, same chord progression, same vocal style, same depressing vocal content, same depressing key/harmony, all sung by teenage girls who sound exactly the same as each other, like an eighties/nineties style with monotone chorus followed by simplified verses singing about how unsure about themselves they are, how sad and depressed they are, how they want this and that in their lives.

They sing about the nineties in an eighties style, but have never actually experienced these decades. 

I’m shocked at how the collective consciousness of our youth shows that this music is pointing at the fact that they are literally on the verge of suicide, and by listening to this shite I guess the suicide rate amongst teens will be skyrocketing. 

What the f**k has happened? Is this the result of the plandemic? 
Why is their music so crap? Where’s the balls, the vigour, the life force, the energy, the emotion? There’s a massive gap in their lives and this music reflects this. 

Banal tripe, but it’s everywhere and is just standard now 

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