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4 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Music with the Huni Kuin







The Ayahuasca ceremony with huni Kuin is very much like the vibe above, lots cool music, dancing, signing, fires, smoking fat Jays etc. In Peru more serious with more screaming, crying and puking and more just sitting on your Matt listening to icaros.

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Hey, glad you popped up Mr H, look what you posted back on February 8, 2022 [Page 201] which then I did later forgetting completely that had done so, until I came up posting the same on 269, so snap in a good way!... nice coincidence of taste for choice of music.... I am talking Lyla June- All Nations Rise, see? 🙂 

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This TUNE is called "Display as a Link instead".....🤔 .... errr I mean Hunting High & Low.... That's it... The following text is a piece of real life inheritance nothing to do with the band, it is creativity for creativity sakes, but put to good use...🙂

(( Not to encourage text often, but I hope y'all can forgive me... and find good ))


(no link after searching after searching after searching High & Low was -ever- found in this music video nor in the real / & / or other dimension world pertaining to it or abstaining from it, in linking or in lurking, either to a killer actual virus or its' substance of source exact unbeknownst - since it is likely doesn't exist but in the minds of brainwashed zombies of the general population, but moreover more reportable is our envious enemy that disgorges by unleashing a slew of Nano Particle Variants peddled by the Globalist Cult & "Silly-Con" Valley exploitative backwaters all blissfully concocting more evil -even as I type- to unleash on the world in their very own Play House Suite married with Hideaway Bio-Testing Laboratories. Served by servile patrons of the cult, acquiescing enthusiasticly to the Dark Agenda in an atmosphere full of philistine peadophiles and high brow social reprobates)

Hunted & subsequently found the culprit from dark tempestuous gloom lays under siege.... & chance would have it thrown off a tall building, A bouncy castle was the only thing left to guide them from evil, lying in wait for the Poor Cabal, sorry your bouncy castle prooved non-workable my good friends... but yes it is a long way down isn't it... Just like it is a long way back up for us after you have unleashed an unspeakable amount of Bio Hazard Nano Particles everywhere.... We accept the challenge....but we will punish you for it until your dying day, with technology whether granted or denied, the architects of doom that invented it will usher with pride, as such we will not look kindly on its' makers... God is Greater than Low Life.


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Note for MODS, if my post needs to be deleted b/c of too much text, I respect this, and I have already saved post for my own use if so.
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