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On 7/9/2023 at 7:10 AM, Moonlight said:

Falco was ahead of his time...I visited his grave in Vienna R.I.P. 😎


I listened to a couple of his tracks from Falco...Best below perhaps?...
anyway Thankyou for his mention Moonlight. 👍 (Didn't know of him).

btw- yes yes excuse the text, briefly here, but I just GENERALLY want to quickly ask the thread, what *wonder* could make this occur as to why not many recognitions of assorted members (such as likes) don't seem to come into play more in this thread, quite bizarre. 🙃 I have no complaints, but it is a curious question... of how we see only a few dedicated posters too, like as if perhaps everyone else is not into contributing their flavor of music.. but what-evs. 🙂

Still enjoy... Almost stuck for words about this guy Falco, but I am struck in a good way I think surely.....
Maybe this one rocks it the most--}} especially with the outdoor historical splendour giving it an enormous kick by that offering of said outdoors, and 'castle-esque' type ruin for want of a better (real) word. (lol)_


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